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Studies indicate that a percentage of regular marijuana users develop dependency or addiction severe enough to create difficulties in relation to work or relationships. Pot addiction has a range of signs and indicators which every parent needs to be aware of so as to be able to recognize if their teenager has fallen into a habit of substance abuse. In a nutshell, pot addiction may essentially be referred to as an irrepressible tendency to use this substance at regular intervals.

People who experience this addiction will not be in a position to cease using the substance even when they may genuinely wish to do so. Just as with other forms of dependency and addiction, many individuals with a pot addiction are inclined to deny they have a problem, and make excuses to avoid being confronted with the need for therapy.

Millions of people register for rehabilitative treatment every single year. Many of these users realize that they have come to depend on pot for relaxation and relief of stress, in a similar way to those who misuse alcohol as a way of escaping from stressful life predicaments.


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