Pot Addiction Side Effects

Marijuana, known to many as ‘weed’ or ‘pot’, is primarily grown for use through direct inhalation, injection or even oral intake. When one first starts taking these substances the effects may not be very adverse and one may continue using it for some months without experiencing any negative side effects whatsoever. In new users, particularly, this substance is known to produce feelings of euphoria.

While infrequent users may not experience negative side effects, and marijuana is sometimes recommended for use in medical establishments for treating certain conditions, its use is not harmless. Research indicates that some percentage of regular long-term users of marijuana is vulnerable to developing a dependency or addiction. As the body develops tolerance to certain chemicals in marijuana, the user may develop pot addiction side effects, and some of these can potentially be harmful if not addressed appropriately.

Those addicted to any drug may compulsively seek a substance that produces a feeling of euphoria. Pot addiction is no different from any other kind of addiction in this respect. The abuse of pot can produce unpleasant side effects and can suppress the abuser’s immune system, implying that users may be vulnerable to various pathogenic ailments.

Pot Addiction Side Effects

The abuse of marijuana has been linked to increased anxiety, panic disorder and depression, as well as distorted spatial perceptions and an impaired sense of time. In addition, long-term abuse of this substance can have a detrimental effect on the user’s memory, their ability to concentrate and their capacity for learning new tasks. Research has also indicated a link between chronic marijuana abuse and manifestations of certain mental illnesses, including psychosis and schizophrenia.

When the substance is consumed at regular intervals by pregnant women, research has shown an increased risk of fetal neurological damage. In addition, research indicates children born to women who abuse marijuana during pregnancy exhibit a number of mental deficits, including poor learning ability and memory problems.

Other pot addiction side effects include a variety of damaging effects on the reproductive system of both males and females. In males, abuse of marijuana can result in lowered sperm count as well as sperm cell damage. In females, ovulation may be suppressed, and egg cells can become damaged. Researchers are still investigating the consequences of marijuana abuse in relation to the human reproductive system.

Pot abuse and addiction have been linked to an increased risk in certain types of cancers. Marijuana smoke contains a high concentration of carcinogens, and the fact that pot smokers inhale deeply and hold the smoke in for extended period’s means that they are exposing lung tissues to heavy concentrations of these carcinogens.

Anyone who has been using marijuana regularly over an extended period, and who experiences difficulty stopping its use may find it helpful to consult an addiction rehabilitation center.