Pot Addiction Warning Signs

Pot is a much more popular substance than other illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin, principally because many think that it has fewer grave side effects compared with these other substances. It is also much less expensive and can easily be found in virtually every neighborhood.

As a user increases their general pot intake, it can drastically lower the oxygen conveyance capability of red blood cells, and consequently have quite a significant effect upon an individual’s heart rate and blood pressure.

A number of studies have indicated that those who take this drug out of the medicinal context have an increased risk of adverse health consequences, including heart attacks and other related conditions. In the following, we will talk about some pot addiction warning signs.

Pot Addiction Warning Signs

Within a normal person’s body system are various immune antibody elements meant for fighting off pathogens. However pot is notorious for impairing the immune system heightening the risk of catching an unwanted disease. In terms of social behavior, problems such as anxiety and excessive depression are some pot addiction warning signs.

Chronic abusers suffer many of the same consequences as cigarette smokers, including cardiovascular damage and an increased risk of certain cancers. However, those chronically abusing pot may also experience memory lapses and reduced concentration levels, rendering them less productive. Another pot addiction warning sign would be a lowered capability to meaningfully grasp concepts and learn new things.

When marijuana is used by a pregnant woman on a regular basis, especially during the first trimesters of pregnancy, there is a high risk that the fetus will suffer damage, and the infant may be born with neurological dysfunctions. Research further shows that these children may exhibit learning difficulties, impaired memory and poor aptitude for solving problems.

Apart from this, the substance is as well known to result in significant adverse consequences for an individual’s reproductive system. In males, use of marijuana may result in lowered sperm count or even cause damage to sperm cells. Females may be affected by ovulation suppression, menstrual cycle impediment or in the worst case scenario, egg damage. This damage can result in fetal abnormalities in a way that resembles fetal alcohol syndrome.

Immediately when the substance is inhaled the THC is dispersed throughout the entire body. It immediately travels to the individual’s brain and attaches to receptor cells. In addition the general effects which this particular substance has on an individual’s brain mechanism are compound and also significantly vary from one person to another, depending on an individual’s tolerance. Long-term usage may result in pot addiction, which can be extremely difficult to sustain. Pot addiction warning signs include:

  • Irritability
  • Memory lapses
  • Sleeplessness
  • Heightened aggression